Tombow Brush Pens-Brights


The Tombow dual tip brush pens are a firm favourite amongst lettering artists. At one end you have a flexible brush shaped tip and at the other a fine tip for more precise lines. As they are water-based you can blend and mix the colours. Perfect for modern calligraphy, drawing, doodling, journaling and more!

This  pack includes 12 brush pens in lovely vivid colours.

  • Colours:Black (N15), Cool Grey (N75), Process Yellow (055), Green (296), Cyan (476), Ultramarine (555), Royal Purple (676), Rhodamine Red (725), Carmine (845), Coral (873), Brown (879) and Orange (933).
  • Water-based
  • Acid-free and odourless
  • Non-bleed
  • Easy to blend
  • Tips self-clean after blending


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