Selection of Pointed Pen Nibs


A set of four pointed pen nibs ideal for the Modern Calligrapher. It is always worth trying a few different nibs to see which ones work best for you.

1 x Nikko G Nib – A definite favourite amongst calligraphers worldwide. Made and sourced from Japan this nib is of a medium flex nib which makes it easy to control.

1 x Zebra G Nib РThis nib is pretty similar to the Nikko G nib but slightly more flexible so you can achieve lovely fine hairline strokes together with lovely swelled ones.

1 x Blue Pumpkin Nib – This larger nib is popular amongst calligrapher. As it is larger it can hold more ink than the smaller ones. It works well with the thicker inks and paints.

1 x Gillott 404 Nib – This smaller nib is slightly harder to control but still a great nib for pointed pen calligraphy. It produces lovely fine hairline strokes.

All new nibs come with an invisible protective serum to protect them in storage and will need ‘prepping’ before using for the first time so the ink flows.


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