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Easter Calligraphy – Free printables

Easter Calligraphy – Free printables

hope you and your families are keeping safe and well. We are certainly in the middle of unprecedented times and most of us will be feeling a whole range of emotions including some fear and anxiety. I have always found calligraphy to be particularly therapeutic and calming in times of stress and I have been reaching for my pens and inks over the last few weeks. If you haven’t practiced your calligraphy for a little while why not dig out your pens and send some Easter cards and notes to family and friends? There is nothing quite like a card or handwritten note to make someone’s day. I have put together these free printable for some easter Calligraphy fun. 


Hop this way..

You can down load these two sheets of Easter words and phrases by clicking on this free downloadable link.Trace over the grey words first and then try them yourself in your Easter cards. Make sure you do the envelope too!


Make sure you do the envelope too!




Decorate some eggs

It can be fun to decorate some eggs if you have any spare! Read about what to do in this blog post.




Downloadable Printable workbooks

Check out my downloadable books in my online shop to help you build on your skills and confidence.There are six in the series and Basic Strokes is free at the moment. Each workbook is filled with instructions, examples and set tasks.




Calligraphy supplies

If you need to top up on some supplies my online shop has stock of my favourite modern calligraphy inks, nibs, penholders and paper for practice.






The Gift of Calligraphy

Is it someones Birthday? Or would you just like to show someone you care?  Give the gift of calligraphy by purchasing a gift voucher which is redeemable against items in the shop.



Keep Calm and Keep on Writing…

So I hope you all stay really safe and well. Let me know if you are finding that practicing some calligraphy if I can help you at all during this stressful time.


Warm wishes









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