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How to: Decorate Eggs for Easter

It’s hard to believe that Easter is just a week away! When it comes to celebrations and occasions I always like to to go to town with the decorations and enjoy making the table look pretty! This weekend I picked up some white eggs from the supermarket and had some fun decorating them. These are super easy to do and I was really pleased how they came out.


You will need:

White eggs

Black sharpie

Gold Marker (Sakura pentouch)

Gold Acrylic Ink



Step 1

Boil your eggs for approximately ten minutes and dry with some kitchen roll.


Step 2

Start decorating your eggs. I used a few simple designs.


Animals print eggs

For the animal print eggs I was inspired by a post on Pinterest by @thisisourbliss. Start with your black marker and draw some patterns as shown. Fill in with your gold pen as shown. Then add some plain black dots to fill any spaces.



Personalised eggs

For the personalised eggs I first painted a section with some gold acrylic ink and let it dry. I used Dr Ph Marten’s Copperplate gold. Then simply write the names with a black Sharpie. Go over your downward strokes twice so you have thick and thin lines.



These would make perfect place names for your Easter table.


Pattern Eggs

Simply choose a pattern and decorate the eggs with your sharpie. You can use your imagination here. There are endless possibilities!

So there you have it! As you can see it is ‘oh so simple’ but really effective. Let me know what you think and whether you try them yourselves.



Have a wonderful Easter with your family or friends. I hope there is love, laughter and lots of chocolate!

Thank you for stopping by!




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