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05 / 05 / 20 POSTED IN: Calligraphy

Stay Connected – The Power of the Pen

We are into another week of lockdown and I am sure we have all had a few ups and downs. I think everyone has realised the importance of staying connected to friends and family and the Zoom calls and Face-time chats have certainly been a welcome distraction. As well as picking up the phone we can of course also pick up the pen! This got me thinking about the power of the pen (especially the calligraphy pen) as a way to stay connected during these times!



Make Someone’s Day

How nice is it to discover an envelope tucked in amongst the usual brown envelopes and flyers with your name on? Whether it is to mark a birthday or an anniversary, to say thank you or to just say hello it makes you feel special. Someone has taken the time and care to write to you. They have stuck a stamp on the envelope and popped it in the letterbox. It shows how important you are to them. So we could do the same for someone we care about. Let’s show someone this week how important they are to us!



Something for the memory box

We are all missing being able to visit our family and friends at the moment. Why not let people know you are missing them? When this time is over your feelings and sentiments are preserved for longer in a handwritten note than a text or email. The note can be tucked away and treasured for years to come as a memory of this time. That’s the power of the pen!



A perfect time to show off your calligraphy!

Lots of you have been using this time to practice your calligraphy. What better opportunity to show off your brilliance!  Keep a stock of some plain notecards and envelopes and you will really have no excuse! I have some fabulous colours in my shop in some lovely pastel and neutral shades.



The power of the pen

Get creative with your envelopes, experiment with coloured inks and even finish off with a wax seal for that extra personal touch. You can rest assured when it lands on that doormat you will be making someone’s day a little bit brighter.


Everyday Greetings – Downloadable Sheets

To give you a little inspiration I have prepared a couple of sheets with a selection of everyday greetings and a few more relevant to this time.  You can down load them here and print at home. Do let me know on instagram if they are helpful and I will happily prepare some more for you. Trace over the grey calligraphy first and then have a go yourself. Then you will be ready to send some snail mail to put a smile on someone’s dial!

Learn a new skill

If you are haven’t tried calligraphy yet hopefully this may inspire you to learn a new skill and learn the art of modern calligraphy. You can find starter kits and calligraphy supplies on my online shop. Calligraphy is a brilliant hobby for this period of lockdown. It’s creative, fun and actually incredibly relaxing and therapeutic.

Downloadable printable workbooks

You can also check out my downloadable books in my online shop to help you build on your skills and confidence. There are six in the series and Basic Strokes is free at the moment. Each workbook is filled with instructions, examples and set tasks.



Hopefully I have encouraged you to stay connected and discover the power of the pen!

Stay safe everyone and don’t forget to pick up that pen!

Warm wishes


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