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Let’s Learn Calligraphy

If you are ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about whether to book onto a Modern Calligraphy Workshop, this post will give you a little insight into one of my workshops here at Judy Broad Calligraphy.

The majority of people that come along are totally new to calligraphy or may have dabbled a little bit way back when. People come for all kinds of reasons and I always love to discover what brings people to my workshop. It may be you are getting married and want to include some calligraphy in your wedding day, it may be that you are a stationery designer and want to add another feather to your cap, you may be crafty and want to add some calligraphy to your craft projects  or you may just feel like trying something new. Whatever your reason for coming along every one is welcome and my aim is for you to have a really fun and informative workshop.

The workshop includes a calligraphy kit with a penholder, nib, a bottle of Higggins Eternal ink together with lots of information and exemplars to work from. We will spend a little time getting used to the dip pen and ink and learn the basic strokes before moving onto the upper and lower case alphabet. Then we will move onto words, developing a modern style and some flourishing tips before finishing the workshop with some free time for you to practice your new skills. The classes are kept small so I can give each person plenty of time, tips and tricks together with lots of  encouragement and by the end of the workshop you will be feeling confident to go home and use your new found skills.

So,what are you waiting for? Why not come and join in the fun and book onto one of my Modern Calligraphy Workshops? Take a look at my schedule of classes.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you to Victoria from VBM Photography for the wonderful images and to Louise at Bloved Hive where the workshop took place.

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Judy Broad Testimonial

I joined Judy's group workshop at the Langham hotel and loved every moment of it. The set up was beautifully done with our own personalised place setting laid out with all the tools required for the session. Judy helped us all individually, giving time and assistance when needed as well as showing us things as a group. The whole class was fantastics.