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How to use Finetec for Calligraphy

The Finetec palettes are extremely popular amongst calligraphers but I have noticed that people can be unsure of how to use Finetec for calligraphy. They are of course different to use than a regular bottle of black calligraphy ink but as with anything once you know how to use them, it really is relatively simple.

What are Finetec Palettes?

Finetec palettes are essentially water colours made form mica pigments. Mica is a natural mineral which is why the colours   shimmer and shine on paper making them so popular. The palettes are also made of gum arabic, a natural product made of the sap of the acacia tree.The little colour palettes are handmade and have a beautiful wavy surface. As you use them a small hole may appear in the middle of the pot. This is a natural occurrence and nothing to worry about!



How to use the Finetec palettes for calligraphy?


Step one

Put a few drops of water with a dropper, a pipette or just your paintbrush onto your chosen finetec palette. Let the water sit for a minute or so.

Step two

After the water has sat for a minute or so, using your paint brush stir the water around on the palette. You will notice that the water picks up the colour as you mix the water in.

Step three

Using the paintbrush, paint some of the Finetec onto the underside of your nib.


Step four

You are now ready to write. Test the flow by making a few marks onto some paper. If the Finetec doesn’t flow easily try just dipping the tip of your nib into some water. You may need to add a bit more water to your Finetec palette or if you have added too much water you can always blot your palette with some kitchen roll. There can be some  trial and error to get it just right.



Where can you buy the Finetec palettes?

You can purchase some of the most popular Finetec palettes from my online shop. Choose from the Ocean, Fairytale, Vintage, Gold  and Galaxy palette.


The Ocean Palette

The Fairytale palette



The Galaxy Palette

The Vintage Palette


The Gold Palette

Looking for a gift for a Calligrapher?

The Finetec palettes would make the perfect gift for the calligrapher in your life or make a nice treat for yourself! You can also purchase black paper which is ideal to practice on. There is also a Finetec calligraphy gift box which includes a Finetec palette, a Luis creations penholder, two nibs and some practice paper all nicely presented in a gift box.

While we are at home during these uncertain times take some time to do something creative. I find calligraphy so calming and  therapeutic and generally believe being creative is good for the soul!

I love this little quote about creativity by Albert Einstein.

‘Creativity is contagious, pass it on’


Keep very safe and well.



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