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All You Need Is Love

If you asked me to think of one word associated with each month of the year when it comes to February my word would be “LOVE” in honour of ┬áValentine’s Day. Of course we all want to be loved as well as to love and whilst Valentine’s Day may have become rather commercial, it is a chance to show those around us how much we care about them. If you are familiar with Gary Chapman’s five languages of love you will know that one of them is receiving gifts. A gift is a symbol of love. Someone has thought about you when they have decided to give you a gift, again when they buy you that gift, however small it may be and again when they actually give you that gift.

So my advice is to spread some love around┬áthis Valentine’s Day and give a small gift to those around you who you care about. It doesn’t have to be a massive bunch of red roses, it can be a card, a handwritten note, a chocolate heart, a single flower or any number of things. It also doesn’t have to be just for your significant other, why not surprise your girlfriends, your office chums, the barista that serves you your morning coffee or the postman that delivers all your asos orders?

For us calligraphy enthusiasts Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show off our calligraphy skills. Why not get creative with your calligraphy with envelope liners, wrapping paper, gift tags, stickers, favours and of course your Valentine’s Day cards. The images above are there to inspire you and do tag me with your creations @jbcalligraphy. I can’t wait to see them! For more inspiration come along to one of my Creative Workshops where I show you how to use your calligraphy skills with various creative projects.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!


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Judy Broad Testimonial

I joined Judy's group workshop at the Langham hotel and loved every moment of it. The set up was beautifully done with our own personalised place setting laid out with all the tools required for the session. Judy helped us all individually, giving time and assistance when needed as well as showing us things as a group. The whole class was fantastics.