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A Little Women Inspired Mother’s Day

I was very excited to be asked to collaborate with David Austin Wedding Roses on their Little Women inspired Mother’s Day. When I received the brief I had just seen the newly released version of Little Women and had absolutely loved it. With Janne Ford doing the styling and photography I knew it was going to be something special.

A Little Women Inspired Mother’s Day

If you aren’t familiar with the story, Little Women revolves around four sisters being raised by their mother while their father is fighting in the American civil war. You soon discover that each sister has a very distinct character and personality.

In this Little Women inspired Mother’s Day story David Austin Roses chose roses to reflect each character and personality. Each sister has her own rose and colour palette with careful attention to detail right down to the calligraphy tags. This is of course where I played my part!

Meg March

The oldest of the four sisters, Megan is romantic, feminine and sweet natured. She is also the most traditional and dutiful of the girls.  Meg falls in love and marries John, a teacher. Whilst they are poor, their love is pure. The beautiful Ella rose was chosen and a bridal flower crown was created for Meg.  Ella is a classic white English rose. I chose a simple white tag and paired it with traditional copperplate calligraphy in grey to reflect Megan’s more conventional personality.


Jo March

Jo is the second eldest sister and the unlikely heroine of Louisa May Alcott’s novel. Whilst Jo is headstrong, fiery and outspoken she shows kindness and compassion. She has a passion for writing and independence and doesn’t hold the same ambitions as her sisters. Jo’s bouquet is simple to reflect her down to earth nature. The beautiful Edith rose with its pink outer petals and gorgeous peach centre reflects the sides of Jo’s personality. She has a good heart but also a robustness. I chose some mustard card stock with a vellum overlay for the simple tag. I paired this with simple and upright calligraphy to match Jo’s straightforward personality.

 Beth March

Beth March is quiet and unassuming in nature. She is happy and content at home but we soon discover she has a creative passion. Her passion is music. Beth’s bouquet reflects her sweet and soft personality. The David Austin rose, Beatrice is soft and pretty but as with Beth there is more to it than meets the eye. The Beatrice rose has a wonderful perfume of myrrh and almond with a hint of fruit.  I chose a simple white tag with grey calligraphy for Beth’s bouquet. The calligraphy has some bounce to reflect her love of music.


Amy March

Amy is the youngest of the March sisters. She is the probably the most playful and also the most feminine. Amy, an artist has a passion for pretty things and dreams of a lavish lifestyle. Amy’s bouquet centred around the glorious delicate pink Keira rose and was paired with blossom, pink ranunculus tied together with pastel silk ribbons. Amy’s tag was candy pink in colour and the calligraphy was pretty and flourished to reflect Amy’s character and personality.





Marmee, mother to Megan, Jo, Beth and Amy is the matriarch of the family and it is Marmee who holds them all together. She possesses enormous strength and resilience. She supports all her girls, gently guiding them as they each follow their own path.  The rose Patience was chosen for Marmee. A classic rose with white petals around a heart of warming yellows together with a sweet fragrance. It perfectly reflects Marmee’s warm and sweet personality.


Happy Mother’s Day

I hope you have enjoyed a little glimpse into this Little Women Inspired Mother’s Day. I certainly enjoyed being a part of this creative story to celebrate Mother’s Day. How stunningly beautiful are all the roses? It makes me want to fill my house with flowers! Hopefully if I am lucky I may just receive some for Mother’s Day!






If you would like to read some more about this Little Women Inspired Mother’s Day as well as see some more lovely images by Janne head on over to the David Austin Roses blog.

Alternatively, if you are looking for some calligraphy for your special event or if you are interested in collaborating on a project do get in touch with Judy Broad Calligraphy.

Happy Mother’s Day!








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